Tennis NZ Makes It Abundantly Obvious To Novak Djokovic That He Can Not Come And Play Here

Tennis NZ on the phone to Novak Djokovic.



Tennis NZ in conjunction with New Zealand’s border agencies have decided to be completely up front and obvious with the Men’s Number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic. 

Tennis NZ representative Michael Ball has been in contact with the Serb to eliminate any shred of doubt there may be around his eligibility to play in New Zealand, or to even enter the country for that matter.

“Just so you know…” he began on the phone to Djokovic “…if you were thinking of coming over to play a few games here, just don’t even bother.

“Unvaccinated people can’t come in, and they can’t play tennis. Even local tennis clubs should be asking to see vaccine passes from groups of mates just going for a hit on a Sunday”.

The decision to be patently clear comes after Tennis Australia and the Australian Federal Government created an unmitigated PR disaster for themselves by flip-flopping all over the place like a brown trout from the Whakataki Lakes district. 

“We just wanted to make it distinctly evident that you cannot play tennis in New Zealand. You’ve been royally mucked around by the clowns running Australia and we don’t want to repeat that, so if you’ve had any kind of thought about coming here, just shut that all down right now.”

Djokovic was not available for comment about whether he’d got the message yet. 

More to come.

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