THIRD STRAIGHT LOSS: Warriors Fan Shopping Around For Second NRL Team To Support

warriors fan cringing as Panthers beat Warriors.



Jason McHardy is in a state of despair after watching the Warriors crash to their third straight defeat.

The 28 year-old has been living on a knife’s edge for the past two months, and has been expecting the Warriors season to dramatically fall apart at any second.

After winning four of their first five games, the Warriors are now 11th on the ladder following their latest loss to the Penrith Panthers yesterday. This has catapulted McHardy into the market for a second NRL team to support.

“I just want the season to be alive until September. I can’t believe it’s come to this, but maybe I’ll also support the Broncos, just until the Warriors are back on track,” McHardy said, whilst nodding to himself that supporting the Broncos would be good as they are top of the table.

“Normally I would just go with the Bunnies, but thought I’d change things up this year.”

As a fan with years of experience being disappointed by the Warriors, McHardy was certain that this was the point where things would fall apart. 

“The tough Anzac Day game against Melbourne was always going to trip us up, then back at home in the pouring rain against the Roosters. They were never going to topple the reigning champions. It’s like these three straight losses were already penned down”

Even if McHardy has the Broncos as his back up second team, it’s sure to be an emotional rollercoaster with the Warriors until the season ends for certain.

More to come. 

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