Tight Contest For Met Gala’s Prize For 2023’s “Creepiest Looking Weirdo”

Rihanna, Erykah Badu and Lil Nas X dressed in silly costumes at met gala.



Rihanna, Erykah Badu and Lil Nas X are all in the running to win the coveted “Creepiest Looking Weirdo” prize at this year’s Met Gala. 

As the world’s elites, celebrities and assorted other rich narcissists come together for the biggest fundraiser of the year, our media makes sure that the rest of us can see just exactly what these people are up to. 

In a desperate bid to get attention by any means possible, it has become a tradition for celebrities to come dressed in increasingly bizarre costumes. 

Rihanna came dressed as a pavlova with sunglasses – but these weren’t just any sunglasses, these sunglasses had eyelashes attached to them. She claimed that she was “railing against the oppressive, patriarchal norms that say that eyelashes must be attached to eyelids”. Rihanna also said that it was “outdated and sexist” to think that women should not dress themselves as desserts. 

Erykah Badu styled herself as some sort of high priestess of a bloodthirsty cult from another galaxy. One would not be surprised to see the bottom half of her face flap open to reveal a fleshy lip covered in a hundred razor-sharp fangs. 

Meanwhile Lil Nas X skipped the whole idea of getting dressed up in a costume, instead opting to chuck on a pair of undies and spray paint himself silver. 

The winner of the prize for “Creepiest Looking Weirdo” is anyone’s guess at this stage, but we expect to find out sometime this week.  

More to come.

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