Tomorrow’s Third Division Rugby Game Last Thing On Player’s Mind Tonight

man having beer thinking about tomorrow's rugby game



Mike Jenkins, a 28 year-old third division rugby player from Christchurch, had no qualms knocking back his third beer of the afternoon.

After clocking off early from his job as a chippy today, the stocky midfielder wasn’t phased about tomorrow’s rugby match.

“Game’s not until like early arvo, so I should be sweet. I’ll just sweat out the beers at the game,” he informed his workmates, seemingly unaware that consuming multiple standard drinks will directly impact his overall performance.

Asking one of his workmates for another can out the back of the work ute, Mike’s phone buzzed from his coach, Andy, who had sent a stark reminder of the game scheduled for 1:15 PM the next day.

“See you boys at midday tomorrow, take it easy tonight please.”

Jenkins smirked as he read the message aloud, with those around him erupting into a chorus of laughter. The concept of “taking it easy” was as foreign to them as a dry Friday night. “Midday tomorrow, eh?” Jenkins mused, tapping his temple as if deep in thought.

 “Plenty of time to sleep it off too.”

As he looked down at his Panhead supercharger, he glugged it back with a smile on his face knowing his rugby bag was already loaded with a pre-purchased blue Powerade.

More to come. 

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