Two Blokes Who Crack Joke Between Themselves Now Believe They Should Start A Podcast

two men high fiving while thinking about themselves as podcasters.



Dave Dustow and Tim Braggins for years have shared a bond over their self-proclaimed hilarious jokes.

The 30 year-old Wellingtonians were catching up over the weekend when Dave had what seemed like a unique idea, although in reality both had talked about this exact idea numerous times before, without taking any action.

“Ya know what Tim? We are wasting our talents by keeping these jokes between us. We should start a podcast!” Dustow said with enthusiasm, convinced that their low-level general banter would be enough to start a successful podcast. 

“Bloody oath we should! Can’t be that hard, everyone seems to be doing them! Just hit the record button and we’re away,” Dustow said naively, assuming that a podcast can just pop up on Spotify or anywhere without seriuosly hard graft, time and editing going into it.

The two men attempted to outline the topics they would discuss on their podcast, and what they’d call it. “Ah not sure of a name yet? ‘Winners Only’? Kinda like Dom Harvey’s one ‘Runners Only’. But we’d just sit there and tell some jokes haha,” both of them laughed, still very unclear about the direction for their much hyped up podcast.

It remained to be seen whether the two friends’ private jokes would ever have the substance to not fall flat on the ears of the general public, or if this podcast would ever get off the ground in the first place.

No more to come. 

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