Ungrateful Cat Doesn’t Bother Showing Up For Christmas Even Though We Got Him A Present

cat sitting outside home at christmas time.


Upper Hutt-based tabby, Reggie is in the running for grinch of the year this year.

The three year old tom cat has disappointed his family for the second year running after not making an appearance at the Christmas morning present unwrapping.

The Thompsons, from the suburb of Totara Park, do the first part of their gift giving at 7 o’clock on Christmas morning, as this is about as long as the kids can control themselves.

“Mum, where’s Reggie? He’s got a present under the tree!” said 8 year old Sylvie, genuinely disappointed that the cat wasn’t present.

“Oh maybe he just got put off by all the people. Could be a bit too much for a little cat,” said her mother Lauren, clearly not taking her daughter’s disappointment that seriously.

“Why did we bother getting him that special cat food then? He’s not getting anything next year. What a bad cat,” said 10 year old Lucy, who was clearly more unforgiving of the arrogant feline.

“Sounds good to me,” said dad Jack, who still could not believe that there was a present under the tree for the cat.

Time will tell whether Reggie will get another Christmas gift in future, but for now he appears to be well and truly in the dog box.

More to come. 

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