Unusually High Volume of Manawatu Turbos Jerseys Spotted In Central Auckland

turbos fan in central auckland



In the heart of Auckland today, locals have been left baffled and somewhat terrified by a large contingent of Manawatu Turbos fans, all sporting the team’s green jerseys.

The wave of green comes after the Turbos beat Auckland 33-31 in last night’s NPC match at Eden Park, a venue where the Palmerstonians hadn’t won since 1980.

One Auckland resident, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed his confusion at the Turbos supporters still hanging around the CBD. 

“I woke up this morning and there was a Turbos flag planted in my front yard. Then I looked down the street to see the backs of about 10 guys walking down the road yelling “Turrrrr-booooooos!”

Our reporters managed to catch up with the die-hard group of chur-bros, with some of them naturally wearing green buckets on their heads.

“Chaahoooo – Up the Mana-uh-waa-too!” 


“Nehe should be back in the All Blacks!! Up the Turbos!”

One of the men in the group who seemed the most sober, confirmed they were on their way to the Viaduct where they’d spend the rest of the afternoon continuing to celebrate the team’s shock victory, before inevitably being forced to make their way back to Palmy.

More to come. 

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