Very Eligible Boyfriend Dumped by Influencer Due to Poor Photography Talent

Influencer with newly dumped boyfriend



Kaide Davis, 23, has been abruptly dumped by his girlfriend Maddy Andrews, 21, after he took 236 photos of her at Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove, but failed to produce a single image deemed good enough to gain traction on her Instagram profile.

This was despite him being highly agreeable, friendly, caring, motivated and well on his way to a successful career in the construction industry.

The debacle unfolded after Davis, who is not a qualified professional photographer by any means, took an infuriating amount of photos while Maddy pretended to smile and laugh in front of Coromandel’s iconic rock archway. 

“Ok get ready, I’m just going to put my hand up by my hair now for this set.” she barked.

“Well I just took a whole bunch just then” said a fed-up Davis, while looking down at Andrews’ iPhone 13.

“What? I wasn’t in position.You don’t need to take a whole heap at once you know, just one at a time!” said the hopeful influencer with 1800 Instagram followers.

Davis, who was constantly handed back his girlfriend’s iPhone with a brand new set of instructions after every failed round, was now at his wits end.

“She just looks the same in all of them. I must have taken 200-plus photos of her literally standing in the same position, with the same smile and the same subtle movement of her hand in her hair – there’s barely a milimetere’s difference!”

It was confirmed to the Whakataki Times that the wannabe influencer’s dumping of her loyal and obedient boyfriend was put down to him failing to “Take some better ones” , leaving her with 236 unusable photos of herself well positioned in front of Cathedral Cove in a bikini.

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