Warriors Fan Skilfully Updates Key Messaging From “Our Year” To “Early Days”

warriors fan sitting on couch with social media post



Diehard Warriors fan Mark Hickey hasn’t lost all faith in his beloved Warriors just yet.

His team surprisingly went down 16-12 to the Cronulla Sharks in the NRL opener in Auckland last night, in a game they looked destined to win with an early lead in front of a sell out crowd.

With the bitter taste of defeat still fresh, especially after such a good 2023 season, Hickey took to social media to be the voice of reason to his friends and other Warriors fans.

“Early days” Hickey posted to his Facebook page, which was met with a flurry of likes as if he’s some sort of genius who knows that one loss, certainly isn’t the end of the season.

“Look, it’s only one game. We were up 12-0 and looking like we were going to run in about six more tries after that type of start.”

“But the Sharks didn’t give RTS any space and we just looked like we were trying to score off every possession. It’s only one game” Hickey said with composure, while still fuming inside that the Warriors blew a comfortable lead at home.

Talking to our reporters and replying to his Facebook comments, Hickey continued  his impassioned self defence.

“There’s a lot of footy left to play, and we’ve got the talent to turn things around. It’ll be our year eventually, but it’s early days right now.”

More to come. 

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