Warriors Game Plan Would Have Changed If They Knew Forward Passing Was Allowed

reece walsh forward pass against the warriors



The Warriors are ruing their missed chances in last night’s semi-final against the Brisbane Broncos, after being made aware late in the game that passing the ball forward was indeed allowed.

The Warriors, who lost 42-12 at Suncorp Stadium, have admitted they would have changed their game plan completely if they realised passing the ball forward was part of the rules in the NRL.

The Broncos happily used the rule-change to their advantage when fullback Reece Walsh made a break and threw it noticeably forward, which was followed by another pass which looked just as forward, resulting in a Jordan Riki try.

Coach Andrew Webster explained the situation his team faced.

“Had we realised you could do that sooner, we would have given our game plan a complete overhaul. Hindsight is a cruel teacher.”

“I guess credit to the Broncos for taking full advantage of this newfound understanding. They seemed well-acquainted with the new rule. Oh well, something to take into next year.”

More to come. 

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