Warriors Players Offer All Blacks Coping Tips For Dud Refereeing

All Blacks and Warriors with wayne barnes



The Warriors have decided to bestow their unassailable wisdom upon the All Blacks, offering invaluable advice on how to deal with dud refereeing decisions, especially in big games and key moments.

The All Blacks touched down in Auckland today, just days after their controversial Rugby World Cup final loss to the Springboks.

The match was marred with questionable decisions from the referees that negatively impacted the game, something Warriors captain Tohu Harris has experienced multiple times before, in both onfield decisions and questionable calls from the NRL’s Bunker system.

Harris warmly reached out to Sam Cane, the captain of the All Blacks, to offer valuable wisdom which would hopefully help soften the blow of a controversial RWC final loss.

“We, the Warriors, understand your predicament all too well. We’ve had our fair share of matches where it seemed like the officials had misplaced their rulebooks, or felt like they were actively working against us. We know what it’s like when a game-changing call goes against you,” Harris said, still not over their semi-final loss to the Broncos where Reece Walsh threw the ball more than a mile forward.

Harris would not reveal any tips to the media, out of fear that referees may catch wind of his team’s strategies designed to make them officiate matches fairly. 

More to come. 

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