Wellington Eco Warrior Cancels Coffee Date After Forgetting Keep Cup

woman with hands on head because she'd forgotten keep cup



Emily Patterson, 31, today made the devastating call to cancel a mid morning coffee date, after realising at 10.20am that her prized Frank Green keep cup was nowhere to be found. The last-minute cancellation put the kibosh on plans to explore her connection with new beau, Darryl, whom she met on Bumble just two weeks ago. 

Wellington native Patterson has been single for three years, choosing to focus on her career as an environmental policy analyst. But in recent weeks, she has broken out of her shell and into the dating scene.

After only one date with Darryl, Patterson says she had “an almost instant connection” with her fellow Bumbler. Today’s planned rendezvous was “a chance to see if that connection was genuine, or if it was just the espresso martinis.” 

Sadly, that question will remain unanswered as the misplacement of Patterson’s prized Frank Green keep cup made today’s scheduled coffee date “totally unfeasible.” 

In the absence of a durable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, vacuum sealed alternative to single use drinking vessel with award-winning push button lid, Patterson saw no way that a coffee date could go ahead. “The keep cup is part of who I am. Darryl has to be able to see and share my eco values if our connection is going to get any deeper.”

When asked if it was possible to hold the date at a different venue, use compostable cups, or perhaps sit down at the cafe and drink coffees from the mugs provided, Patterson was resolute: “I didn’t spend 60 bucks on this cup for no-one to see it.”

More to come.

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