Wellington Motorists Recommended To Keep Bottle Of Acetone In The Car For Removing Those Pesky Protesters

protesters stuck to the road in Wellington



Motoring expert David Rutherford has a modern solution to a modern problem for Wellington commuters.

With the increasing frequency of Wellington traffic being terrorised by protesters sticking their hands to the roads, many have called for the Police to do more. 

But Rutherford believes that if every motorist takes the responsibility to keep a bottle of acetone in their car for un-gluing protesters’ hands, rush hour traffic flow can be returned to normal pretty quickly.

He thinks that with time this could eliminate the problem for good.

“These charming people from Restore Passenger Rail have been disrupting people’s lives on a regular basis for the last few months now. But there are simple steps that ordinary commuters can take to protect themselves,” he says.

“All that’s required is for at least one person to have a bottle of acetone in their car if they come across a road blockage. Simply apply the acetone to the contact points between the person’s hand and the road, and a chemical reaction will occur, causing the hand to come unstuck.

“It may be helpful to have a few strong helpers there as well, just to help out if needed.

“When all hands are unstuck and all superglue confiscated, simply lift the protesters off the road and place on the footpath or other side area.”

Rutherford has said that it will take collective teamwork to overcome the issue of road-blocking protesters, but he believes it is possible.

“At the end of the day this group of people is small compared to the rest of Wellington. They think they can take the city hostage, but that’s only if we let them.”

Acetone is affordable and available over the counter at your local chemist.

More to come.

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