Wellingtonian On Auckland Trip Gets Quick Win By Moaning About Auckland Coffee

hipster guy in auckland looking down his nose at coffee.



Angus Booker is known for his love of good coffee and unwavering loyalty to the coffee culture of Wellington.

For a long time Booker has believed Wellington has the best coffee in New Zealand and was sceptical when his friends said that Auckland had some “good coffee shops”.

The 29 year-old from Aro Valley had gone up to the big smoke for a holiday with friends, and was at a cafe in Ponsonby where he almost couldnt’ wait to put Auckland’s coffee to the test.

Our reporters were inside the Ponsonby coffee shop where Booker was taking his first sip.

“Hmmm a bit weak with no distinct flavour. How do you guys even drink this stuff?” Booker said with superiority to his Auckland friends, with a look of disgust on his face.

“It’s just coffee man. It’s got caffeine in it doesn’t it?” questioned friend James Muir.

Taking another sip out of his reusable coffee cup, Angus couldn’t wait to voice more dissatisfaction.

“It’s just a lack of depth and richness. Are these even fair-trade coffee beans? This is nothing like Wellington coffee.”

As the group began to finish at their table Booker gave one more smug comment to reinforce in his opinion that Wellington’s coffee supremacy remained unchallenged. 

“Well how  about you let me know when you’re next in Wellington? Then we can go out for a real coffee”

More to come. 

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