Wellingtonians Hoping Water Restrictions Will Mean They Shut Down The Bloody Bucket Fountain

man praying that bucket fountain behind him gets shut down



Wellingtonians are fervently hoping that the current water restrictions in the city will finally bring an end to the reign of the notorious Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street. 

This much-loathed landmark has long been the bane of pedestrians’ existence, with its seemingly malicious intent to drench anyone foolish enough to walk within its splash radius.

At the moment, Wellington is in the midst of water restrictions in the city as the capital struggles to cope with demand for water at the height of summer. The latest restrictions have Wellingtonians hopeful that the city will finally address the long-standing issue of the Bucket Fountain, which seems to waste more water than anything or anyone else.

“Maybe now the city will prioritise shutting down that diabolical contraption over limiting our showers and garden watering.”

“It would be rather pleasant to stroll along Cuba Street without the sudden surprise of getting splashed unexpectedly,” said  27 year-old Mick Dustow, a frequent victim of the bucket fountain’s water.

Genevieve  Harding, 29, also expressed her discontent.

“It would be nice if the Council would do something practical like close down the biggest water waster. Pound for pound it’s the largest water-consuming entity in the lower North Island!”

The water ban in Wellington is only set to ramp up, with the city moving into level 2 water restrictions from next Wednesday, banning all irrigation, soaker hoses, and unattended watering systems. 

More to come. 

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