Winston Goes Hard On The Chumbawamba Song Until He Has To Switch To Eye Of The Tiger

winston peters with eye of the tiger album cover



Winston Peters is once again not backing down.

Our mainstream news media are currently obsessing over the fact that he used former UK band Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping,” in one of his campaigns, without asking permission first.

The band reportedly wish to serve Peters with a cease-and-desist notice following his use of their only known song. He used the song as his intro music before delivering a speech over the weekend in Palmerston North.

Peters meanwhile can’t believe how much free media attention he’s getting over something this low level. 

“The media and the band think they can knock me down with their cease and desist notices,” Peters quipped with his characteristic smirk, “but little do they know, I’ve got more fight in me than anyone else in this building,” remarked the seasoned politician who first walked through the doors of Parliament in 1978. 

After playing the one hit wonder’s song enough times to annoy all those who don’t like him, Peters says the next song he’ll play on repeat will be Eye of the Tiger, by American rock band Survivor.

Eye of the Tiger famously featured in the boxing movie Rocky III, and has since been a classic rev-up anthem. 

“So here you go drongos, here’s another song for you to write your little articles about. It’s called Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It came out years before many of you were even born! 

“Now get to work on this one, or even better, start actually doing your jobs properly and do some stories on what really matters in this country.”

More to come. 

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