Woman Completes Early Saturday Morning Gym Class Despite Unplanned Hangover



Highly motivated fitness enthusiast Jodi Graham was faced with a choice when she woke up this morning. The choice was about whether she got up and went to her scheduled pump class at Les Mills, or succumbed to the hangover that was unjustly afflicting her body and mind. 

“It was a mental battle against inner demons this morning. They all wanted me to take the easy way out and they were very persuasive,” she explained while sipping water from a former Powerade bottle.

While the simple and easy option would have been for Ms Graham to stay in bed, she knew that that’s exactly what her detractors would want her to do. Graham could have gotten away with it too, as she had not arranged to meet anyone at the gym, nor had she mentioned the class to her flatmates. 

“There was a point where I said to myself that it’s fine to miss one session, as I had already been to the gym three times this week. I rolled over and closed my eyes and let my hangover take hold,” recounted the 29 year old. 

“But then two seconds later my mind said ‘No Jodi, that’s loser-talk. Get up. Don’t be beaten by a few lazy wines on a Friday which were never meant to happen’. Then I reached for the ibuprofen and took my first step towards my punishment,” she said triumphantly. 

Graham admitted that the gym class itself was less than optimal, but that was not the point. “Could the session have been way better if I hadn’t got on the piss last night? Yes. Does that mean I shouldn’t have even bothered turning up for the class? Absolutely not.”

While the personal satisfaction of overcoming the odds made it all worth it, Graham still could not quite help herself from posting about it on Instagram. 

More to come.

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