Woman Flips The Script On Relationship Status By Debuting New Boyfriend On Instagram

couple posing for photo



Emma Harrison made a huge power play on Instagram today.

The 26 year-old had been dating casually over the past few years, while still appearing single on her social media, but decided that now was the time to introduce her new boyfriend Jake to the virtual world.

After being in a relationship with Jake for around six months, Emma knew it was time to make things official, and nothing would be more official than a hard launch of herself and Jake on Instagram.

Posting with the caption “Found my own Prince Charming”, her post was met with a flurry of likes and fire emojis, and the comments section was flooded with close friends who further confirmed the relationship.

“Cute you two!”

“Gorgeous humans xx”

“About time you posted you guys together!”

However Jake’s sudden appearance on Emma’s feed caught some off guard, which saw her follower count take a slight hit. She was unfollowed by several men who had been sliding into her DMs for the best part of a year but getting nowhere.

As our reporters tried to seek comment from Emma, she was unavailable as she was too busy refreshing her feed and watching the tsunami of overly positive comments roll in.

More to come. 

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