Woman Haunted by Unwanted Return of Christmas Pine Needles

woman finding pine needles on the floor with thought bubble of christmas tree



Frustration is growing among Whakataki residents as pine needles have started making their way into unexpected locations, days after half-dead trees were exiled to the streets.

One such resident is Georgie Carr, who is feeling exasperated after pulling pine needles out of her delicates for the second time in 24 hours.

“I’ve been vacuuming up pine needles every day for weeks, I can’t understand how they’re showing up in my washing” Georgie explained, appearing to scratch at the waistband of her trousers.

Georgie had been diligently dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming since erecting an imposing Radiata pine in her living room last month. She insisted the pain-staking daily clean-up was worth it for the “real festive feel” that comes with having a living tree.

But days after ditching the tree at the end of her driveway, Georgie is beginning to question her commitment to Christmassy conifers. 

“I’m seeing pinecones in my sleep, and when I wake, there are pieces of them in my bedding. There are just bits of this tree everywhere I look!”

Asked if she would consider purchasing a plastic pine for next Christmas, Georgie was reticent: “December is a long way away.” 

But after a long pause, and a subtle glance out the window at her discarded Radiata, Georgie appeared to have made up her mind: “There’s not much I wouldn’t do if it meant never having to see a pine needle again.”

More to come. 

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