Woman Shocks Colleagues By Revealing She Was Born In 2000

24 year old corporate woman smiling confidently as coworkers look on in shock



Ella McPhail, a seemingly mature and accomplished professional, dropped a bombshell on her unsuspecting colleagues today.

The 23 year-old who will turn 24 later this year, was in a mundane Wednesday morning conversation when one of her co-workers mentioned something about the company’s profits in the year 2000.

“Ha, same year I was born,” Ella said, a comment which would send shockwaves through the office.

“2000?!” colleague Matt Wilkes, sputtered.

“What? But… you talk about the 90s like you lived through them!” Wilkes groaned, quivering in disbelief and doing quick mathematics in his head that when the year he finished highschool she was just five years-old.

Sarah Bryant, 32, who had previously assumed Ella was at least born in the nineties, was equally as stunned, “You mean, you weren’t around when Y2K was supposed to destroy the world?”

Ella, seemingly unfazed by the chaos she had unleashed, replied with a smirk, “Oh, I survived the great Y2K in mum’s tummy. Only heard about what it actually was a couple of years ago though!”

Both Matt and Sarah were in shock, left staring at Ella and comprehending how somebody born in 2000 could be some sort of fully functioning professional adult.

More to come. 

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