Woman Still Holding Out For A Repeat of SBW’s World Cup Jersey Rip Moment

woman losing her mind over sbw's chiseled torso



Sophie Wilkes clings to a dream that’s more unusual than most. 

The 31-year-old’s peculiar fixation revolves around a singular event: the infamous jersey-ripping incident of Sonny Bill Williams (SBW) during the 2011 Rugby World Cup opening game between the All Blacks and Tonga.

Sophie, then 19, was present at Eden Park that day, and ever since, she’s been hoping to relive SBW’s exhilarating wardrobe malfunction, which showcased his upper torso to thousands at the ground and millions watching.

SBW’s jersey became ripped when he went into a tackle of three Tongan defenders, with the jersey ripping on the tattoo side of his arm. SBW then ripped off the remainder of the jersey, before team Doctor Deb Robinson came to the field and helped with the jersey change.

“I remember when that camera angle came up on the big screen of him trying to get his jersey back on. I was screaming for her not to try to help him get it back on so quickly!” Wilkes said, reliving it as it’s her only memory of a rugby game.

Wilkes wasn’t the only person at a packed out Eden Park, with most of the crowd showing appreciation for SBW’s figure, where he was sporting a well defined six pack.

“That jersey-ripping incident was truly a game-changer for me. Like sure I liked rugby, but how do you not want to see more of a masculine man who looks after his body? I know SBW’s retired now, but hopefully Beaudy finds himself getting tackled by three of the Springboks at the same time!”

More to come. 

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