Woman’s Instagram Roars Back To Life With Steamy Pic At Queenstown’s Onsen Hot Pools

blonde woman in hot pool looking at queenstown



Chelsea Brunton has had a quiet few months on social media, but that was all set to change with her mid-winter girls trip to Queenstown.

After ending her relationship with her boyfriend, Hamish, earlier in the year, the 24-year-old was eager to immerse herself in the natural beauty of Queenstown’s snow-capped mountains. However, she also had another mission in mind – reviving her Instagram, which had been lacking content since the breakup.

Arriving at the Onsen Hot Pools donning her finest bikini, Chelsea positioned herself to capture the classic “from behind” photo, showcasing her appreciation of the picturesque scenery

Satisfied enough with the basic caption “Living my best life!”  Chelsea’s heart skipped a beat as soon as she hit the share button. She eagerly refreshed her notifications, waiting for the flood of likes and comments to pour in.

Letting a whole minute go by, which seemed like an eternity, she refreshed once more and excitement rushed through her veins as she saw 18 likes and three comments in mere seconds.

“Stunning babe xx”

“Straight fire girl!”

“My bestie is one gorgeous girl!”

As she checked her direct messages, she noticed several guys had dropped some basic fire emojis, but what really made the trip and post worthwhile was the message from Dan, the guy she had a crush on. He had taken the opportunity to reach out to her privately.

More to come. 

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