Working Family Feeling The Cost Of Living Crisis Starts Ordering Plain Naan Instead Of Cheese And Garlic

dismayed girl at dinner table, with naan bread in foreground

ALEX HICKEY | Lifestyle


The pain being felt by the ongoing cost of living crisis has hit the Williams family where it hurts.

A regular working family from Lower Hutt, the Williams’ are relatively frugal; Mum Sienna estimates they get takeaways once or twice a month.

“It’s either a bit of a treat or we get it on a day where we’ve been busy and it’s just easier than cooking. The kids love Indian and I spent some time travelling there when I was younger, so it’s a bit of a go-to.”

Sienna mixes up their order each time, but has always ordered everyone a cheese and garlic naan. That is, up until recently.

“We’ve made the decision to go for plain naans from now on. It’s $1.50 less than the cheese and garlic, and that adds up quickly with five of us.”

When asked how it impacted their takeaway experience, Williams became emotional.

“I know there are people out there doing it tougher than us, but it’s not ideal. Plain naan is just…I mean, they call it plain for a reason.

“But we want our kids to be resilient and not have everything handed to them on a platter, so when they refuse to eat them, we stay at the table until they do. They have to learn they can’t have nice treats all the time.”

Williams says they’d probably continue to have takeaways as often as they always have, as she believed it was important to expose her children to international cuisine.

Just not the most expensive variations on the menu.

More to come. 

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