WTF?: Australia Complains About 91 Unleaded at $2.21 Per Litre

Australian man outraged at petrol price



New Zealanders have wholeheartedly offered their condolences to Australians who are all of a sudden suffering pain at the petrol pump, with prices going up to a whopping $2.21 for Unleaded 91.

This is noting of course that the kiwi dollar has been worth around ninety-something Australian cents for the last 6-7 years.

Our reporters caught up with locals filling their tanks at the Whakataki Challenge station, who had an outpouring of sympathy to our great mates across the ditch.

“Oh wow, $2.21 did you say? Gee, do they have a Give A Little or a Go Fund Me page? I’ll send them a donation right now!” Kyle Walker, 33, said in a believably sympathetic tone. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me? Tell them to fuel up now – it may even get to $2.30 in Aussie at this rate. I hope they’ll be able to survive!” Anna Collins, 26, who regularly fills her tank at a significantly higher price than that.

“Omg, thoughts and prayers! Anything I can do for them?” said Cayley Watkins, 23, in a melodramatically concerned display. 

All three who gave comments to The Whakataki Times then helplessly watched as their total fuel bill ticked upwards at $3.20 per litre, as they slowly but surely lost the will to live. 

More to come.

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