Fish And Chip Shop Proudly Displays Award Won In 2005

man with fish and chip award

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Local SIMPLY THE BEST Polstead Road Fish and Chips has been a local institution, serving up greasy deliciousness for 34 years now. But for owner Gary Lee, the pinnacle of success was his “Best Fish & Chip Shop” award, something he’s been proudly showcasing in his shop since 2005. “Yep, there she […]

Bloke Makes Sensational Comeback To Social Media As Wedding Photo Replaces Profile Pic Set in 2013

19 year old having beer with wedding photo in background


Luke Sims has never been big on social media.

But the 29 year-old certainly made a splash today after updating his profile pic to one of him and his now wife at their wedding, replacing the one of him and some mates at a party ten years earlier.

Our reporters spoke to Sims after he made this radical update to his social media presence.

“I don’t really have time for Facebook ay, kinda just used it to keep in touch with mates, but thought it needed a bit of an update,” explained a healthy-looking Sims, who had noticeably trimmed down since his heavy drinking days.