Pest Control Called On Former TVNZ Presenter Kamahl Santamaria

Kamahl Santamaria getting his house sprayed for pests

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National MISSION CREEP Disgraced ex TVNZ presenter Kamahl Santamaria has been given an unwanted surprise of his own today. It wasn’t the fact he was hit with more allegations from his former workplaces and colleagues, but the fact a pest exterminator turned up to his home and began to spray him with […]

Smug Millennial Drafts Up A Series Of Tweets Ahead Of Racing Season

pink haired woman with phone with horse race in background

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture  NUP TO THE CUP Pink haired millennial Ruby Wareing is set for a big month ahead on the internet. That’s because the 28 year-old from Wellington’s Aro Valley is already preparing a barrage of Tweets to let rip ahead of the racing season, which she knows will be well backed up […]