Only Homeowner In Millennial Friend Group Annoys The Rest With Gardening Chat

Man rolling his eyes while other man digs in garden.

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Culture “WE GET IT, YOU’VE GOT A HOUSE” David Hamilton, 29, sent eyes rolling today when he brought up the topic of all the work he’s been doing on the section of his house, which he owns.  The Wellington based project manager seems to have edged ahead of the others in his […]

Local Man Who Had Work In The Morning Did Not Look At Lunar Eclipse

Man in hi vis with red moon in background

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Local “NAH MISSED IT” Stokes Valley local Doug Turner, 28, has missed the total lunar eclipse that happened last night. A total lunar eclipse happens when the Moon, Earth and Sun line up during a full moon, giving the moon a red appearance. The builder (whose regular 5 o’clock wake-up had no […]