Aucklander Continues To Say Traffic Isn’t That Bad, Despite Reality

driver smiling, while background is Auckland's gridlock traffic.

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture  “OH IT’S NOT THAT BAD” Tommy Ridge’s drive from Albany to Manukau should take around 25 minutes. But today, like many other days this week, he’s on track to make his morning commute nearly an hour and a half worth of stop-start driving.  Despite the 27 year-old making his way through […]

Local Teen Who Enjoyed Harry Potter As A Child Moves On With Life As An Adult

woman studying while thinking about when she was reading harry potter as a child.

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Culture A NEW CHAPTER Year 13 student Ellie Warburton is bright-eyed and optimistic about her final year at high school, and will likely begin her first year at uni next year. She is keen to try her hand at “adulting”, (which means doing “adult things”) as she will actually be an adult […]