Local Teen Who Enjoyed Harry Potter As A Child Moves On With Life As An Adult

woman studying while thinking about when she was reading harry potter as a child.



Year 13 student Ellie Warburton is bright-eyed and optimistic about her final year at high school, and will likely begin her first year at uni next year. She is keen to try her hand at “adulting”, (which means doing “adult things”) as she will actually be an adult next year. 

Sadly that means leaving behind childish amusements, including Harry Potter, which is a series of novels written specifically for children. 

Ms. Warburton however seems at peace with this decision, and does not seem inclined to continue a Potter obsession into her twenties. 

“Well it’s okay you know because there are a lot of other things to spend my time on aren’t there? Like becoming employable and perhaps building my own wealth and experience. Finding someone to settle down with and have a family,” she explained. 

When asked about the new Harry Potter video game and the upcoming television series, Warburton seemed confused by the question. “Why though? I’ve read the books, enjoyed them. Enjoyed the movies. I know what happens. Why do that all over again? 

“I mean, spoiler alert, but Harry Potter goes to school, learns some spells, faces off with Voldemort and wins. The end,” she summarised, while flicking through a 2024 prospectus for Otago University. 

Ms. Warburton says her love for reading, which was ignited by the Potter series, is a treasure she will hold onto for life. “Yep, and you know, there are other books out there, by different authors, about all sorts of things. Not just witches and wizards! 

“Some books even have useful information in them!”

More to come.

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