35 Year-Old Still Very Pleased To Receive Rebel Sport Voucher For Christmas

35 year old man wearing santa hat smiling with rebel sport voucher in hand



Matt Simmonds, a 35-year-old from Nelson has once again found himself delighting in the familiar embrace of a Rebel Sport voucher, courtesy of his well-meaning parents.

“Every year, without fail, I get this Rebel Sport voucher from Mum and Dad. It’s like clockwork. It’s a $50 one this year too, most of my twenties it was just in that $30 range” Matt chuckled, his eyes twinkling with the mirth of a man who knows the annual Rebel Sport voucher routine all too well.

Despite the fact that most of his peers were unwrapping vouchers for home improvement havens like Mitre 10 or Bunnings, symbolic of grown-up responsibilities and homeownership, Matt remained resolutely in the rental realm.

“Yeah, I’m still renting at the moment. But hey, at least I’ve got top-notch sports gear,” he quipped, holding the Rebel Sport voucher like a badge of honour.

As the wrapping paper fluttered around him on Christmas morning, Matt envisioned the possibilities that lay within the familiar red and white envelope. A new pair of running shoes, perhaps, or some cutting-edge training gear that would make even the most seasoned athletes nod in approval. Never mind the fact that his main sport is social indoor netball.

More to come. 

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