Canes Fan Claims Victory Was Stolen Because “Ardie Wouldn’t Lie”

Hurricanes fan in disbelief as referee denies Ardie Savea the winning try.



Hurricanes fan James Macaskill is a broken man today.

The 32 year-old from Wellington watched on in horror late last night as his beloved Hurricanes fell agonisingly short in their quarter-final against the Brumbies. It all came to a head at full time when Ardie Savea was denied by the referee and TMO in what looked like the match winning try.

“Did you see his face after he got up? He knows he scored it and the reaction from him when the ref explained it just confirmed it. Ardie wouldn’t lie,” Macaskill said, still in shock from the 37-33 loss.

Savea looked to have crossed the line after the final siren had gone, but referee Nick Berry deemed it to be held up (which looked more like guess work if anything) effectively ending the game and the Canes’ season.

“There’s zero reason to doubt Ardie. Forget the TMO and ref, you could see by his body language that he knew he had got that down. If he felt he was held up, he’d react differently. It’d be stupid to question his honesty.

“If the ref had given it a try in the first place, then the TMO would have to confirm it as a try as he wouldn’t be able to prove differently. It’s a bloody flawed process. Canes were robbed.”

More to come. 

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