Harry And Meghan Plotting Divorce So They Can Get Some Netflix Content Out Of It

harry and meghan in front of netflix branding.



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been getting dragged by the media recently for their failure to deliver consumable content as part of their contracts with Netflix and Spotify. A leading executive at Spotify even went as far as labelling them “the fucking grifters”. 

But the down-and-out former royals have one last trick up their sleeve that could well catapult them back into the limelight – a divorce.

A divorce would not only give them more of that delicious, delicious victimhood that they enjoy so much – it would also be a tidy little pay day for the hapless TV and podcast producers. 

Two separate “on the couch” interviews (potentially getting Oprah involved), with each of them giving their side of the story. Imagine the tears, the misplaced blame, the unearned entitlement – all Netflix TV gold. 

The strategy comes with some risk however. There is a chance that Netflix and Spotify could realise that actually no-one wants to see or hear from these people anymore.

And that’s a big risk, to be sure. But it’s a risk that’s worth taking. Because what other choice do they have? How else do you bounce back from being the most annoyingly boring couple in the world who also aren’t capable of producing anything?

At the end of the day Netflix and Spotify are driven by profit, and by now Harry and Meghan’s unrelatable-ness could end up costing them millions.  

More to come. 

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