Man On Train Makes Eye Contact, Smiles And Says Hello To Metlink Passenger Operator

man smiling on train with metlink passenger operator



William Segal, a regular passenger on the Hutt Valley express train to Wellington, has allegedly been engaging in friendly, brief interactions with Metlink staff. 

Witnesses claim Segal regularly “makes eye contact, smiles and says hello to train staff” as they carry out their regular practice of scanning snapper cards. This is in direct opposition to the accepted culture of Wellington commuters, who generally keep their eyes locked on their phones, hold their snapper cards out, and pretend staff don’t exist. 

“It was certainly a strange sight to behold,” said commuter Jeremy, who gets on the train at Taita station. “Looked like they must have known each other through family or something,” he speculated, while perplexed at the idea of simply treating a customer service staff member like another human being.

“Just doesn’t make sense to even look at the train people,” said commuter Kylie, while still not actually looking up from her phone. “Why would you put in that much effort when you don’t need to? They only want to scan your card and move on.”

Segal was not able to be reached for comment about his unusual behaviour, but was seen getting off at Wellington Station and carelessly saying “see ya later” to yet another Metlink staff member. 

More to come.

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