REPORT: Vibe Of Stag Do Quite Different To Hens Night

stag do side by side with hens night



Warren Slough and Taryn Bowman embarked on a tale of two parties over the weekend and also woke up with two very different types of hangovers.

Taryn and her squad of bridesmaids and close friends were sipping cocktails and coming across very well behaved at a downtown Auckland bar. The photos, which she was more than coherent enough to post on Instagram, showed a night of sophistication and subtle revelry, all in good taste ahead of her marrying her longtime partner. 

Meanwhile, Warren’s closest mates had organised a day where subtlety was not on the menu.

In fact, it seemed an evening of questionable life choices and hours of binge drinking were the theme of what would be a long day and evening.

Arriving at the undisclosed destination on a minibus with multiple boxes of beer and a couple of bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, the drinking games quickly escalated to the point where the stag vomited cheekily into bushes as he went from one failed challenge to another. The games, which were mainly sport-based, often saw most of the group pull out their inner alpha male status and try to roll back the years on past sporting performances.

Facing challenges that tested the limits of both his liver and his dignity, Warren had absolutely no let up from his long time friends, a stark contrast to the afternoon his wife-to-be was having.

With Warren unreachable for comment, Taryn gave a brief interview to the Whakataki Times reporters about how she feared her husband-to-be would be going.

“Oh look I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s got a good group of mates and I know most of them. They won’t be doing anything too silly I don’t think?” said Taryn, completely oblivious to the amount of alcohol Warren had been forced to drink against his will, throwing up multiple times at what seemed like regular intervals.

More to come. 

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