Hipkins Wishing His Positive RAT Could Have Come During Charlotte Bellis Fiasco

Charlotte Bellis alongside Chris Hipkins and his positive RAT

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Politics COULD HAVE USED THE TIME OFF Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins is thinking about what could have been, after a recent RAT detected COVID-19 in his mucus sample. This comes a month and a half after the Charlotte-Bellis-Afghanistan-pregnancy-MIQ PR disaster, where he could have used a break from work. Yesterday he […]

Local Landscaper Keen To Lock In Hole-Digging Expert

Chris Hipkins digging a hole

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Local Whakataki Landscaping owner-operator Troy Sullivan has allegedly been in touch with COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins after he demonstrated a seemingly effortless ability to dig himself a colossal hole.  This follows Hipkins’ mishandling of the Charlotte Bellis MIQ debacle.  Sullivan, 48, said he’s never seen someone dig themselves such a big […]