Woman Claims To Need Holiday To Recover From Her Holiday

Kelly Higgins laughing in office.

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Culture BACK TO WORK BLUES! Kelly Higgins, 27, does not want to accept the reality she is in. “It’s like I need a holiday to recover from my holiday!” laughed the Finance Administrator from Rotorua, surrounded by work colleagues. This comment and many more like it came after spending four weeks sleeping […]

Sunblock In Eyes Worse Than Being Pepper Sprayed

Cam Jones rubbing sunscreen into his eyes.

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National Cam Jones, 23, was all set for a relaxing summer’s day at Waihi Beach today. But any thoughts of the day being remotely enjoyable were immediately thrown into utter chaos after the construction labourer rubbed sunscreen directly into his eyes. ‘Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking hell!’, cried Jones, whose eyeballs were now completely on […]