WTF?: Australia Complains About 91 Unleaded at $2.21 Per Litre

Australian man outraged at petrol price

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National HEY SORRY TO HEAR THAT! New Zealanders have wholeheartedly offered their condolences to Australians who are all of a sudden suffering pain at the petrol pump, with prices going up to a whopping $2.21 for Unleaded 91. This is noting of course that the kiwi dollar has been worth around ninety-something […]

Smile Unable To Be Wiped From Cyclist’s Face As Petrol Prices Soar

Smiling cyclist

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | National  RIDE TO SURVIVE! Greg Matthews’ cheeks were still sore from grinning when he burst through the door of his employer this morning. Matthews, a retail assistant at All Sports Whanganui, was looking happier than he’d ever been, arriving earlier than usual just as petrol prices had ticked over three dollars per […]