Trendy Sunday Morning Walkers Play A Straight Bat With Black Tights And Puffer Jacket Combo

two women on oriental parade, Wellington, wearing puffer jackets.



Friends Amy Wilson and Juliet Corrigan made no waves at all this morning. The last thing the Sunday morning walkers wanted was to put themselves under pressure for no good reason. 

While usually very forward-thinking in the realm of fashion, both women opted for a classic combination of black tights, puffer jacket, cross trainers and sunglasses – all without any prior coordination between the two of them. 

Wilson explained that these style choices meant they looked good, while still keeping a low profile during their semi-regular walk along Wellington’s Oriental Parade. “It’s Sunday right? Better to keep expectations low and just enjoy a walk and a coffee with my friend.

“And yeah maybe it’s a bit basic but it’s not like we’re looking sloppy. It’s not like we’re in track pants and jandals or anything,” explained the 28 year old. 

Ms. Corrigan chimed in to bring the energy up. “Babe! Are you kidding? We both look hot! We bought these tights from Lululemon last week!

“Your bum looks sooo good and the jackets are just practical,” she outlined. 

The pair were nowhere to be seen on social media that day, although pictures of their cafe coffees did end up on Corrigan’s Instagram within minutes. 

More to come. 

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