Uncle Doesn’t Muck Around Getting Obnoxiously Hammered At Christmas Lunch

man dressed as drunk santa at christmas lunch in nz



Craig Mitchell wasted no time diving headfirst into the festive spirits at his sister Claire’s house in Nelson today..

The 58 year-old, who once again had not offered to host Christmas at his house, turned up with a 12 pack of beers and looked more than ready to signal the commencement of another hot Kiwi Christmas. 

“Cheers, everyone! Let the festivities begin!” boomed Uncle Craig, cracking open his first beer before anyone else had thought about a drink.

His niece Kara, 16, unimpressed by his theatrics from the living room, muttered to her brother Toby, “Is he for real? Is he auditioning for the role of Drunk Santa today? What the hell.”

Claire, the hostess of the chaotic Christmas affair, couldn’t help but cringe at the unfolding spectacle. “Craig, maybe dial it down a notch? Our mother isn’t even arriving for another two hours,” she said, keeping an eagle eye on the amount of alcohol he was consuming. 

Uncle Craig, waving off his sister’s concerns with a dismissive laugh, declared, “Christmas cheer waits for no one Claire, and neither does Uncle Craig! Don’t be such a grinch!”, he said while grabbing a fistful of mixed nuts and shoving them in his face.

“Oi I said stop being a grinch Claire!”

More to come. 

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