Wellington Airport Says No Thanks To Amazon’s Offer Of Giant Rings Of Power Snow Troll

Giant snow troll model mounted in wellington airport with man waving hand dismissively

GORDON LIGHTFOOT | Culture OH NAH WE’LL BE ALRIGHT Wellington Airport’s senior management have turned down what was a desperate plea from the promotions department at Amazon Prime Video yesterday. Airport spokesperson Matthew Lee told the Whakataki Times that Amberley Fonseca, from Amazon’s promotions department, essentially begged to have a giant snow troll installed at […]

Third Grade Cricketer Gears Up For Another Season Of Failure

Batsmen getting bowled out

ROSEMARY ABBOTT | Sport COULD BE HIS SEASON Jake Macaksill, 31, has considered chucking it in every cricket season for the past decade, but the veteran Eastern Suburbs third grader thinks this will be his year when he finally turns his form around. Macaskill, who claims he’s a “bit of an all-rounder” despite batting nine […]