Consultant On $6k A Week Really Sad About All The Work He Put Into The Whole RNZ/TVNZ Thing

man laughing at marina with tvnz rnz merger image in foreground.



Senior Business Analyst Tim Carson has done well to hide his disappointment in recent weeks. The consultant advising the government and billing at $150 an hour was clearly mortified that all the work he has put into the RNZ / TVNZ merger has been for nothing. 

The merger was one of many Labour ideas that PM Chippy Hipkins tossed on what legacy media has called the “policy bonfire”. 

Carson explained how upset he was while perusing a boat on Wellington Harbour that he was thinking about purchasing. “Oh look, it’s terrible news isn’t it? Merging TVNZ and RNZ was a really meaningful piece of work that gave me such a deep sense of purpose each day,” he grinned broadly, obviously trying to conceal his anguish. 

“What am I going to do now that I don’t have that really meaningful, purposeful project to get me going in the morning?”

While the Seatoun local put on a brave face, he acknowledged that perhaps not all is lost during this personally difficult time. “I’m sure I will bounce back somehow. Plenty of time for self reflection, and I think three weeks away with the family in Hawaii will help.

“It’ll just be so hard to forget about all that wasted work I put into that really important proje-” he started before breaking into a fit of laughter, presumably hysterical.  

Mr Carson hopes he will find a way to enjoy his time off while in Hawaii. He has reportedly had to turn off the notifications on his LinkedIn page because of all the direct messages from recruitment agencies trying to fill new government contracts. 

“I’m just not sure if there’ll be another chance to work on something as important as this merger that’s been shelved. Such a shame”. 

More to come.

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