REVEALED: Scribe’s “Not Many” Inspired By Forks Going Missing In The Break Room

Scribe Not Many video, with cutlery drawer with forks missing.



In a stunning revelation kiwi rapper Scribe has said that his hit song “Not Many” is actually about the constant mysterious disappearance of forks in workplace break rooms.

The lyric “Not many, if any”, was originally Christchurch rapper’s response to a workmate asking how many forks they had left in the kitchen. From there, a kiwi classic was born. 

It appears this is a common New Zealand phenomenon, as entire sets of forks in workplaces across the country have been disappearing without a trace, leaving employees to struggle eating their lunch with tea spoons and butter knives.

Wellingtonian Olivia Evans, 26, an employee of the Ministry for Primary Industries, spoke of how the lyrics resonated with her, and how it all made sense as she is often left to use a spoon or ‘spork’ to eat her lunch with.

“Makes sense. To be honest I haven’t given much thought to Scribe in the last twenty years, but have always wondered where all the forks went.”

Scribe declined an interview but did provide a short statement to also reiterate that the correct lyric is “if any”, not “Aunt Fenny”.

More to come. 

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