Local Bloke Still Adjusting To The Idea Of Taking The Blues Seriously

man scratching his head about the blues



Dave Parkes, a longtime supporter of The Blues, has struggled to accept that the team he’s supported since a child, has now been consistently doing well over the past few seasons.

After years of disappointment since their 2003 Super 12 title, the 32 year-old has been sceptical every time they showed some sort of promise early on. Blues seasons had traditionally ended with them missing the playoffs altogether, despite often having what looked like an overall good squad.

“Even when we signed Beauden Barrett I was a bit dubious about the whole thing, but he’s probably been the best thing since Carlos Spencer to be honest.”

“It’s quite strange, we’ve always had good players on paper and a few All Blacks in the mix. But now those good players on paper are actually playing like good players on the field. The weirdest part is they’ve been playing well each week this year,” explained Parkes, who was concerned about how relaxed he was ahead of the top of the table clash with the Chiefs. 

The Blues have had high expectations ever since Barrett joined the franchise, where they won the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman title in 2021 and made last year’s Super Rugby final.

“It’s just been weird to see them basically being title contenders the past three seasons, instead of me wondering how they’d maybe sneak into the playoffs.”

Despite his unwavering loyalty, Parkes was still suspicious of the Blues.

“Years of mediocrity after Carlos and barely any playoff appearances in the 18 years after that. You always wonder how a team that could be so poor for so long could suddenly become successful?”

More to come. 

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