Local News Junkie Remembers When The Biggest Controversy Was The Colour Of A Dress

Woman thinking of blue black dress next to Ukraine explosion



Juliet Emerson, 27, has had a refreshing wave of nostalgia wash over her after seeing the ‘The dress’ pop up on her Facebook ‘Memories’ this morning.

“Ah, it’s definitely still black and blue,” the Whakataki marketing assistant said to herself with confidence, while reminiscing about a simpler time in her life.

The viral dress dominated world headlines in 2015 after viewers had heated debates about whether it was coloured black and blue or white and gold. 

It was a nice change for Emerson’s social media feed, which has been completely flooded with news and controversy around MIQ, protests in Wellington about the Government’s vaccine mandates and the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Gee, times have changed. My family used to be at each other’s throats about our differences on the colour of some viral dress on the internet, now we are mostly at a war of words about whether wearing a mask and getting the jab is in breach of our human rights,” Emerson whimpered to the Whakataki Times reporters.

As she scrolled through the comments on her old Facebook post, Emerson explained how she would welcome back the old kind of division in society in a heartbeat. 

“I’d give anything to just be arguing with my Mum and sister about how they could be so bloody blind to the fact that this dress is clearly black and blue and not white and gold. The last few weeks I’ve been having quarrels with them about whether the protesters outside Parliament should just go home or not. Bring back some arguments about the bloody dress colour!” Emerson said, looking like she was about to engage in another dress debate.

Emerson then decided to take the news cycle back into her own hands by replying to her sister Rosie’s 2015 comment saying the dress was white and gold, with the comment ‘#blackandblue’.

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