PM’s Self Isolation Boredom Sparks Fears Of An Imminent TikTok Account

Jacinda Ardern daydreaming about TikTok



A wave of fear is brewing across the country today.

It comes as New Zealanders, who are currently getting a well-deserved break from seeing Covid-riddled Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, worry that the PM will start her own TikTok account out of pure boredom. 

The Whakataki Times reporters hit the streets and caught up with some anxious citizens from the North and South Islands today.

“Oh god, can she please not? Iso TikTok’s were so 2020. Nobody wants to see the prime minister copy a boring dance to a catchy song. Plus, she’d make her videos way too long anyway,” vented Westport’s Lucy Whiting, 26.

Upper Hutt’s Mason Christensen expressed his views. 

“Wouldn’t surprise me. Remember when New Zealand was Covid-free the first time and she famously said ‘I did a little dance’. She probably meant she made a low-level video on her secret TikTok account then.  

TikTok grew in popularity during the initial lockdown two years ago, but with the PM’s isolation period stretching out until Saturday, there are concerns she may get bored of being out of the spotlight for a whole week.

Gore’s Andrew Johnston, 36, had a more fearful view of the future.

“It’s probably not her inevitable TikTok account that concerns me the most. I’m becoming disturbed by the theory that when she’s done being PM and you think she’s out of your life, she’ll pop up on the next series of Dancing With The Stars,” Christenen said while wide-eyed and sweating profusely.

The PM’s office did not respond to The Whakataki Times’ request for comment, which was left on “seen” via social media. 

More to come.

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