Auckland Dad Who Usually Says “We Needed This Rain” Now Very Quiet

man in front of flooded road



Auckland dad Simon Johnson is usually quite vocal about how he believes a good downpour of rain is needed for his garden at his Takapuna home.

However after witnessing Auckland’s torrential flooding over the past 48 hours, the 46 year-old father of two has been uncharacteristically quiet.

“Usually I’d say that we needed the rain, but now I actually don’t think we did,” Johnson said sheepishly, after acknowledging his beloved city has just experienced an extreme weather event.

While the city of sails is still in the initial stages of being drenched in record-breaking rainfall, Johnson is now slowly coming to terms with the fact that the city does not in fact need anymore rain.  

“The roads are flooding, my roof is leaking and my kids are bored out of their minds,” Johnson explained to our reporters.

His wife, Sarah, explained how her husband’s attitude towards rain had changed after the downpour caused a State of Emergency in New Zealand’s largest city.

“He would usually be out in the garden or walking the dog in this weather, but he just wanted to stay inside today. Usually he’d be smiling and attempting to explain how we “really needed this rain for our garden,” Mrs Johnson explained to our reporters as she watched her husband gaze at the neighbourhood destruction from the windows inside.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson was trying to stay positive and was grateful that his family is safe and dry.

“It could be worse,” he said. “At least we’re not dealing with earthquakes or volcanoes like they are in other parts of New Zealand. We should be good”

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