Christchurch Woman Rated As Socially Acceptable After Correctly Answering The “What School Did You Go To?” Question



Monique Gilchrist felt like she was being watched like a hawk over the weekend, as she went for some casual drinks in Papanui, an affluent suburb in Christchurch. 

The 26 year-old, who was a newcomer to the friend group, felt like the dreaded question “What school did you go to?” was following her everywhere.

Gilchrist, who hails from Christchurch originally, felt tremendous pressure as she entered a new circle of people at the drinks.

Our reporters were on scene and spoke with Gilchrist about the situation.

“Well it was going fine at first. We talked about our jobs and our travels overseas, and then suddenly, one of them asked me where I went to school. Right on cue! Third time I’ve been asked that tonight!

“In fact, it didn’t matter what circle I entered, everyone wanted to know the answer to that one question.

“But I can tell you, they were all relieved when I told them I went to Rangi Ruru Girls School, you know, the private girls school in Merivale. It costs $27,400 to attend that school a year. Not going to play that one down!” explained Gilchrist, feeling blessed that she was born into a wealthy family.

Charlotte White, who told our reporters multiple times that she also went to Rangi Ruru, explained her relief about finding out that Monique also attended that school.

“I mean phew. Glad she could answer that question properly. I’m starting to warm to her already ya know. There’s nothing like bonding with another private girls student, right?” asked White rhetorically, getting blank stares from our reporters. 

“She’s definitely welcome in this friend group again. Very acceptable. Nothing like building up our Christchurch Rangi squad!”

More to come.

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