DJ Omicron To Headline Rhythm and Hills Music Festival

DJ Omicron with Emperer Lrrr teeshirt next to Rhythm and Hills sign.


The Whakataki region’s premier music festival, Rhythm and Hills, announced this morning that British dance music legend DJ Omicron will headline the festival this year. 

The very vaccinated DJ, responsible for such drum and bass classics as Three Negative Tests, No Symptoms and Everyone At The Festival Has To Be Vaccinated Anyway, is pleased with the announcement.

“Absolutely stoked! Can’t wait to smash it!” said Omicron, whose name is a Futurama reference to the home planet of Emperor Lrrr, Omicron Persei 8. 

“God I love Futurama”, said DJ Omicron, also known as “the Big O” to his mates. 

When asked about DJ Dimension, who has been absolutely raked over hot coals in the last few weeks, the Big O “didn’t really know enough about it” to comment.

“Wait, so he’d been isolating for ten days, had no symptoms and returned three negative tests, but now his fourth test came back two days late and it was positive, and now he’s being crucified for owning up to it? I thought New Zealanders were all meant to ‘be kind’”, said the appropriately compliant artist.

DJ Omicron is expected to drop an exclusive track next week called Omicron Is Coming, featuring Grow Up and Deal With It

More to come.

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