“Unruly Tourists” Looking Pretty Bloody Good Right Now

Unruly tourists next to Wellington protesters



The ‘unruly travellers’ who once apparently ‘wrecked havoc’ by descending on the country’s North Island for a summer holiday in 2019 are looking pretty damn good in comparison to the angry mob of 1,000 protesters who have drained police resources, threatened the public and continue to block off central Wellington during their now two-week long protest outside Parliament. 

One of the ‘unruly’ tourists, Johnny Goodman, said he was perplexed at how their month-long stay in New Zealand in 2019 resulted in them getting called ‘Irish scum’ with a tirade of hate and headlines.

“We just left a bit of rubbish at Takapuna Beach, didn’t mean to cause any harm. Who doesn’t leave the odd beer box by accident on the sand dunes?” Goodman said in a polite and apologetic manner.

As tensions continue to rise outside Parliament with police now kitting themselves in riot gear, Goodman was shocked and saddened to hear about the treatment of police and the public.

“I would never throw acid or human faeces like the chimpanzees at the protest in Wellington, that’s just damn wrong”  Goodman said to The Whakataki Times reporters, who were not abused whilst interviewing Goodman or sent death threats for just doing their job.

One member of the Wellington public Alana Myer, 24, offered her thoughts on the situation. “Oh god can we please bring those British tourists back? Let them skip the MIQ queue. It’d fix-up the news cycle at least. I guess you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone.”

More to come.

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