MIQ Spot Guaranteed For Charlotte Bellis After Promo Company Books Her For Drum And Bass Tour

Charlotte Bellis DJing



Wellington-based music events promoters, Bangin’ Beats have booked stranded, pregnant kiwi Charlotte Bellis for a ten date drum and bass tour of New Zealand. The good samaritans made the booking because it is common knowledge that the best way to skip the MIQ queue is to be a DJ. 

Bellis has not been reached for comment yet, but no doubt the journo stuck in the chaotic hell hole that is Afghanistan will be pleased with the promo company’s good deed.

Bangin’ Beats co-owner Tyrone Segaris, 35, said that it was the right thing to do. “As an electronic music promotion company, we have been essentially granted the power to help people skip the MIQ waiting list, and that is a big responsibility”, said the music promoter and all-round good bastard.

“Obviously we’ve had hundreds of stranded kiwis reaching out to us to try and book DJ gigs so they can get back to their home country quicker. And we wish we could book everyone to come and smash out massive drum and bass sets, but sadly that’s not possible.

“We just have to assess each case as it comes. To us it was pretty clear that Charlotte, who’s pregnant and stuck in bloody Afghanistan, deserved a bit of help. Let’s face it, she is in the absolute shit at the moment”, said Segaris. 

Bangin’ Beats said that if you want to support Charlotte too, the best thing to do is buy a ticket. “Her mixing is a bit rough around the edges but she’s got a good selection of bangers to keep the crowd happy”, laughed Segaris.

Bangin’ Beats will announce Charlotte’s tour dates next Monday.

More to come. 

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